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Your ready-to-go sales leadership platform.

Get the tools you need to lead in real-time. Leave the spreadsheets behind.

Run collaborative pipeline reviews for your team from one screen and know every deal like you know the biggest deals. Build your forecast with a deep understanding of each deal. Our solution has you up and running in minutes - no ops team required.

We want to see other leaders reach the same sales success that we have.

We spent the past year speaking with 100s of sales leaders to learn how they can both influence their pipeline more. The result is the Ressemble product Pipeline Live, in partnership with HubSpot.
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Still exporting deals to a spreadsheet?

You're running pipeline reviews, building forecasts, and running one-on-ones. Tracking your own thoughts and desired strategies for each deal. All in that spreadsheet you quietly keep.

But getting that data in-sync with your CRM is a nightmare and you know it. With Ressemble, we support your workflow as a leader, without the tangle of spreadsheets or post-it notes. We built a better way.

What our clients say

"I am hands-on with the deal strategy and tactics in real-time. We are selling more using Ressemble."
Frank Candio
Sales Leader and Consulant
"As a founder who spends a lot of time on sales and business development, I use Ressemble everyday to collect and organise key sales information. Ressemble makes sure I always have the right insights to influence deals and close more sales."
Michel Geolier
CEO, Betterfront
"With Ressemble, I know so much more about what is happening in our deals. As a result, I've got much greater influence on the outcomes and my forecasting has been great. We're having our best year ever."
Pat Schreckengast
CRO, AceUp
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