Lead in real-time

Junior reps need you when they are learning. Top reps need you on their biggest deals.

You need to move on deals when it matters the most.

Designed for sales leaders. Instant impact.

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What our customers have to say

”3x our revenue this year and Ressemble is a big part of it.”

Pat Shreckengast

“An experience our team loves.”

Peter Costa
Head of Sales Protobrand

“I am hands-on with the deal strategy and tactics in real-time. We are selling more using Ressemble.”

Frank Candio
Sales Leader

“Elevating the most important elements and key objectives for each client upto the top.”

Jason Lamin
CEO Lenox Park

“As a founder who spent a lot of time on sales and business development, I use Ressemble everyday to collect and organise key sales information. Ressemble makes sure I always have the right insights to influence deals and close more sales.”

MicheL Geolier
CEO @Betterfront

“I’ve been using Ressemble for half a year now and it’s been jet fuel for our sales strategy. My marketing, sales and product team has never been in such incredible sync as the platform has given us structure, transparency and insights to fuel our momentum. Game changer.”

Will Fan
CEO NewCampus
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Eliminate blind-spots

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Run collaborative 1-on-1's to consistently improve every team member

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Be hands-on

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Built for every team configuration: remote, hybrid, in-office

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Pipeline reviews that focus on strategy, not the background


Modern sales is fast-paced

We touch more deals. We face more “No’s”. We grow and change our team faster.

Yet, sales leaders are stuck in shared docs, manully updated spreadsheets, and endless meetings/calls. We built the better way.

Run collaborative sales 1-on-1s that engage your reps. Design the perfect pipeline review for your team. Know every deal like you know the biggest deals.

Our solution has you up and running in less than two minutes without asking anything extra of your team.


Ressemble is intuitive, fast, and sets up quickly. We designed the platform with all the features that make you exceptional at winning deals.

Customer Insight Matrix

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The sales leader’s starting point. Instantly see what your team has recently learned. Identify the holes in your understanding of deals. Determine what is holding you back. All in one single page.

X-Ray Customer Debriefs

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You can’t influence what you can’t see. Each customer page highlights only the most important customer insight - organized and distilled. No sifting through notes and emails.

Real-Time Pipeline Collaboration

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Don’t wait until the pipeline meeting to set strategy for winnable deals. Collaborate with everyone on the deal in real-time. Your world has gone asynchronous. So should your pipeline reviews.

Fast is Fun

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Ressemble has keyboard shortcuts, easy point-and-click, and rapid navigation. We know your day is moving fast. So we designed Ressemble to move faster.

Seamless Integrations

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Ressemble fits right into your stack. Salesforce and HubSpot integrations are one-click away. Our Slack integration gives you updates as it happens.

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