Make the most out of every deal

Ressemble provides front-line sales leaders the insight and tools
needed to coach reps on deals in real-time
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Time saving
Don't spend time asking for
updates on deals
Deal confidence
Increase your confidence in your reps and your forecast
Win ratio
Improve your win ratio with
timely deal-coaching

Win ratio

Increase your impact

Case study

Maximize the opportunity for every deal

  • 10x harder to get leads on calls today
  • 70% of reps don't ask for help in time
  • Trying to recover deals after they are lost is a time-waste

Deal confidence

Know why you win deals

Case study

Forecast every deal with confidence

  • Don't settle for bad data when forecasting
  • Discounting your pipeline is risky business
  • The majority of B2B deals are lost to no decision

Time saving

Bring immediacy to every deal

Know how you can impact every deal

  • Spend less time recapping deals with your reps
  • See how and when deals change
  • Communicate with reps in real-time