One of us is in the wrong deal

December 1, 2021

Rasmus Goksor

In my prior company I did a pipeline review with a sales rep and we were discussing a deal that had moved into the “product demonstration” stage. The rep was pretty happy because the buying team was considering only one other vendor.

I asked the rep who the other vendor was and she mentioned one against whom we rarely competed. We knew who they were, but they simply did not play in our market segment.

So I asked the rep if she thought she was in a good position or bad position in the deal. The rep thought she was in a good position because we were much better known in the market and could bring that to life with the buying team. She had some great case studies and references lined up. She then asked me what I thought.

Here is what I told her: “One of us is in the wrong deal.”

If unexpected players show up in your deals, it should be a huge red flag. It is something that needs to be addressed directly with the buying team and careful consideration should be given in your approach to the deal. Either you don’t understand the buying team properly, or your competitor doesn’t understand them. As you work deeper into the sales process, rooting out these kinds of fundamental misunderstandings about your customer will save you time and energy that you can put into the real winners in your pipeline.

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