The bare minimum for your CRM

November 2, 2022

Josh Payne

Many Ressemble customers are growing and have hired their first batch of reps. As such, they are just getting started with their CRM. No one wants unnecessary process to get in the way of rep productivity (especially early on while you're figuring out a scalable sales process) so we propose the following 4 things are the absolute bare minimum your reps should be tracking for each deal:

  • Customer Problem (or some variation)
  • Next step
  • Deal Value
  • Close Date

Let's walk through our thinking for each:

The first two attributes are for the reps.

  1. Customer Problem. Documenting customer problem is the very bare minimum that you should expect your rep to establish with their customer. Establishing it will justify their time and determine the basics of their strategy with the prospect. If the customer doesn't have a problem they're trying to solve, then they're not likely to buy a solution from you. This is the very very minimum any rep needs from a 'sales methodology.'
  2. Next Step. Next step is less about deal strategy and more about smooth execution. Every effective rep establishes a 'next step' with their prospect in order to ensure they keep the deal moving forward in a timely fashion. Always having a next step helps ensure the deal doesn't languish, whither, and die.

The next two are pretty obviously important for the rep so that they have clear expectations on the deal with their client, but even more important for you as a leader who is trying to predict the future - i.e. generate a forecast.

  1. Close date. Tracking changes to your close date is a clear health indicator of a deal for you as a leader. A deal's close date helps you forecast when the deal will come in. Furthermore, frequent changes of a close date show a communication gap between your rep and the prospect.
  2. Value. Again, it's pretty obviously important for you as the leader to know from where your revenue is coming. And for the rep, it means they have a common understanding of the nature of the deal with the prospect.

You don't want to over optimize your sales process as you're still figuring things out. That said, these 4 pieces are the absolute minimum to keep track of your pipeline and start down the path of better pipeline management.