Why we are building Ressemble

December 1, 2021

Rasmus Goksor

Welcome to Ressemble. Together with my cofounders David and Josh, we are creating Ressemble so sales leaders can influence the outcome of more deals in real-time. With Ressemble, it is as if you are in every customer meeting.

For years, I built and sold enterprise software. Our team is backed by former leaders from Eloqua, Hubspot, InsightSquared. In our work, we have seen sales leaders have thousands of "I wish I knew"-moments -- seeing a deal go sideways and knowing it is too late to turn it around.

This is a problem because sales leaders can only influence what they can see. It worsens as the size of pipelines and teams grows. And, the problem becomes particularly difficult when teams are remote. Sales leaders simply can't co-pilot every deal in the pipeline and it is impossible to look at a CRM pipeline report and know what is going on.

Today, leaders and team members try to solve this with meetings, shared docs, and custom field forms. But meetings suck, they are neither timely nor efficient. Shared docs get messy when you try to track a living pipeline. And we all know how infuriating it is to fill out custom field forms day in and day out. This spells trouble for sales leaders.

We fix this by making it easy for leaders to influence outcomes in deals. We give leaders a real-time view of every deal. We let the leader decide what is important for them to see in a deal -- not the quantitative CRM stuff, but the key insights to determine why it is a winnable deal. Team members get a super light and intuitive way to share these insights from customer interactions with the leader.

During our private beta, our clients spent more time on winnable deals, won more deals, and scaled their teams faster. And, the best part, team members loved it. Today we’re launching the platform and we would love your feedback, your "I wish I knew" stories, and what information you need to determine winnable deals.