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Lead your sales team in real-time.
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How it works

With Ressemble, you get the first Sales Leadership Platform built for HubSpot.

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Connect your CRM

Securely sync data with HubSpot. The quick setup won't require sales ops or IT

Select team members

Monitor only deal owners relevant to you. There's no change in your reps' day-to-day habits


Design your pipeline

Pick the deal properties to best understand your pipeline

Customize yourself

Make the product yours with personalized views of your pipeline. Select columns, snooze deals, and more

Lead your

Monitor the pipeline in real-time

Track changes to deals as they happen and communicate with reps, in context

Direct pipeline reviews

Discuss deals with your team. Leave notes about deal strategy for yourself and make updates to any property, in-line, on the spot

Fast deal digests

See it when it happens and get daily debriefs on key deal activity