Designed for front-line sales leaders

∙Most deals are lost before you have a chance to coach
∙Our data shows that 70% of reps ask for help on deals when it is too late
∙The tools that are out there are not built for front-line sales leaders
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How does it work?

Ressemble works natively with the technology you are already using so you don’t need to train your team or change their daily technology behavior.

Connect HubSpot and Slack

Native integrations

Ressemble securely syncs data HubSpot and hooks into Slack. Work only with the deal owners you pick. The quick setup won't require sales ops or IT.

Focus on what matters
in deals

Easy to personalize

Our Deal-Grader identifies critical deal properties for deal-coaching with your reps. Point-and-click integrations make it fast to design views and set up the alerts you need.

Communicate on deals
in real-time

AI deal-coaching

Ressemble highlights deal-data changes in your pipeline so you can coach on the "movers" and our Coach AI understands deal data like next steps to provide deal strategy recommendations.