Lead your sales team in real-time.

We designed Ressemble for Sales Leaders so that they can reclaim their time and increase their impact.
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Pipeline Reviews
Use one screen to direct your pipeline review.
Better forecasts
Run an efficient organized pipeline review with your team.
Fast Deal Digests
Know every deal like you know your biggest deals.

Pipeline Reviews

10-18 min is the average attention span in a meeting.

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With Ressemble Pipeline Reviews, you can direct every deal in one view

  • Cover 50% more deals in the same time
  • Improve deal velocity with better insight
  • Hit your sales targets

Better Forecasts

Despite much investment in analytics, forecasts remain highly qualitative and subjective

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With Ressemble’s Pipeline Live

  • Incorporate your qualitative understanding into your thinking
  • Slice and dice your pipeline
  • Update your CRM the moment you make a forecasting decision

Fast Deal Digests

230 deals on average for each sales leader to track.

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Ressemble wants you to stop wasting time. So it is lightning fast

  • Create customized views for each part of your day
  • Update deal properties in-line. No clicking around
  • All relevant pipeline data in one view, no refreshing, no need for multiple tabs